Tuesday, February 11, 2014



Welcome to the Leigh School Drama Club blog. Mrs. Groth and I will keep you updated on all happenings related to Drama Club right here.

We have started rehearsals for Charlie Brown and students are in the process of learning their lines. We gave the students a goal to have their lines memorized by Spring Break and we will look into putting on a performance sometime after that.

Our stage crew has been busy deciding what props and set decorations we will need. We will post a list on here in case you find any items we could borrow for the duration of the show. We will also take any cardboard boxes as we will need to make a doghouse for our Snoopy.

Mrs. Groth and I are so happy with the excitement and participation of the students. We are thrilled to have a Drama Club up and running at Leigh.

Please check back here for any updates!

Ms. Shaunnessy

P.S. Drama Clubs rehearsals will be every Wednesday at 8:00 AM. As we get closer to a performance, we may add additional rehearsals, but we will let you know ahead of time.

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